Happy 25th, Mario!

My wife Rachel went yard sale shopping and found me a Nintendo (NES) for only $3.  After some maintenance and cleaning, it looks as good as new and works just as well.  What a great way to celebrate Mario's 25th birthday! It had a LOT of the original documentation.  In fact, it had the original warranty form included.  I wondered what the people at Nintendo would think if they received this.

Warranty booklet cover

Warranty Registration Form

As you can see, I've filled it out and I'm dropping it in the mail tomorrow.  Afraid their business reply mail permit has changed or expired so I'm putting postage on this one. 

I wonder how many Club Nintendo coins I might earn for this purchase.

If anyone has an old NES Control Deck lying around, and it doesn't read cartridges - try the instructions I used to make mine as good as new.  Well that, lots of Lysol cleaning wipes, and a Magic Eraser.

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Dude, thats really cool! And for $3! That's amazing! Great find, Rachel. I really need to get my mom to send out all of my old NES games. I have a basket full, literally.


Oct. 24, 2010 at 12:41 pm


Hey, did you ever hear anything back about the warranty registration?


Jan. 1, 2011 at 4:06 am


You'd be surprised what you can find at yard and garage sales. I have bought stuff for 5-10 bucks and turned around and sold it for 50-100 bucks! Nice find on NES!

U Draw Wii

Nov. 6, 2011 at 7:15 pm


Can we get a new post? I’m not rushing the emulator, its just nice to know any new things you’ve accomplished within the past few weeks, I get excited reading about progress or ideas you have. Just any info!
Regards: eve hunt

Eve Hunt

Jan. 9, 2019 at 11:14 pm


This is just an issue for me but.
Chrono trigger is five here and on the best games of all time. Which is fine, I find this channel to have this most reasonable top tens I've ever seen. But there's one problem. It's inconsistent. The entrees on their top five for this list are
5 Chrono
4 Donkey kong country
3 Mario kart
2 Mario world
1 And a link to the past
And on their top ten of all time it's
5. Chrono trigger
4. Super Mario world
3. Half life 2
2. Tetris
1. Ocarina of time
Obviously ocarina of time replaces link to the past in this situation, considering the one per franchise rule, but I find it very strange that the only snes titles set for top ten of all time are 2 (super Mario world) and five (Chrono trigger) on this list. Why isn't Chrono trigger Mario kart? It's inconsistent. The only reasonable explanation I can come to is that Donkey kong country and Mario kart are bunched into the Mario franchise, making this list break the one per franchise rule.


Victoria Tegg

Jan. 30, 2019 at 10:24 pm


"No other video game console even comes CLOSE to the SNES. I mean, forget about it just winning the 16-bit war with the Genesis (which it absolutely did), it just crushes everything else that was ever released. The amount of all-time great games on this list is just absurd. It has the best platformers, the best JRPGS, the best exclusives, the best versions of the two best fighting games of the 90s, Nintendo worked with developers to push it's technology to the absolute limit (Donkey Kong Country, Star Fox, Killer Instinct, Super Mario RPG) while it's competitor was selling an entire other system to catch up. The graphics and gameplay hold up far better than it's predecessor (the NES) or the it's immediate successor (the N64) because the capability of 16-bit graphics was perfect for the bright, cartoon pixels of most of the games. The look never goes out of style. The controller is essentially perfect. Just like the system.

Regards: Eve Hunt

Eve Hunt

Mar. 5, 2019 at 12:01 am


a good list, though some of the choices puzzle me. I found DKC 2 and DKC 3 were both more fun to play than the original. I did expect FFVI to be in the top 5, that seems kind of weird. My personal favorite game of all time is Chrono Trigger, so I would have loved to see that at number 1. But with most people I've talked to that played a lot of snes games, they tend to rank Zelda and Chrono Trigger 1 and 2, so I'm surprised that it is so far down on this list.

Moses Brodin

Apr. 12, 2019 at 2:32 am


I do agree that all these games are the best for the snes,I would however put final fantasy 3 in the top five and replace Mario Kart putting it in the #6 spot instead and moving the others down,the reason I say this is cause final fantasy 3 was the best rpg on the snes in my opinion, I liked it just a bit more than chrono trigger,now as for a link to the past I do agree 100% that it should be in the #1 spot for lots of reasons, it was amazing,its a shame most kids today haven't played one of the greatest adventure game of all time,great job this list guys,you finally put out a top 10 I agree with

Ashlay Jones

May. 16, 2019 at 6:14 am


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