New Google Maps Feature

Google Maps now automatically routes around roads closed for road construction. I was trying to get to somewhere on I-64 on the west end of St. Louis. When I asked Google Maps for help, it sent me all around the city, starting on I-64, then taking I-44 southwest, and then I-270 North to meet up with I-64 again.

I know that I-64 is closed from the Kingshighway exit to I-170 but I didn't think Google Maps knew that. I tried to drag the route onto the closed section of I-64 and it wouldn't let me - it acted like there wasn't even a road to drive on. Technically, there isn't at the moment.

So that was pretty exciting to me. Although I wish Maps would at least tell me why it redirected me, so that I'd be sure that their route-planning isn't just getting dumber.

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